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Additional Information

At SOS, Our clients vary greatly in both business size & budgets. This is why we have established a wide variety of options that we guarantee will fit the needs of everyone who would benefit from our services. 

Below are a few options of basic retainer packages as well as trial packages.  Of course we are able to customize our packages to suit your specific needs. These are just examples to give you an idea. 

18-Hour Retainer Trial

18 hours of consulting services broken up evenly over six months. This small Retainer Package is perfect for start-ups and small businesses on a very strict budget.  
- $2,700 or 3 equal instalments of $975.

Retainer Package

Offering three, six and 12 month terms.
These packages can vary from 3 to 60 hours per month. 

It is best to contact us to discuss your specific needs in order for us to create a package that will suit your individual needs. 

Social Media Assistant.

Put your social media on auto-pilot. Choose from a range of options on exactly how much of your social media presence you'd like us to handle.  We even have proprietary programs that will market directly to your competitors followers and systems to grow your social media following organically and ethically (no fake followers).
Social Media Packages start at just $90/mo.

Executive Search / Headhunting

An improperly filled position can cost your company in multiple ways. Furthermore, an individual who fits all the requirements, but doesn't fit in with the company culture can be very disruptive to the current team. Let SOS fill your open positions with the best matches possible for your business & team. 

Mediation, Negotiation, Arbitration

From time to time, there will be disputes with partners, shareholders, investors, employees & vendors. Allow SOS to help guide the way to a solution that everyone will be happy with. We offer this service as part of our Retainer packages or as a one time stand-alone service. 

Selling Your Business

We will take care of everything from negotiations, preparing staff & the new owners for a smooth transition, all the way to the legal paperwork.  As soon as you are interested in selling your business, it is worth it to talk to a professional to help determine the vale of the business as well as other key aspects to make everything look as great as possible to potential buyers.